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The "Boss" Box

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Named after Jimmy Didier's famous cattle call - The "Boss" Box is a steak lover's dream. Made up of our favorite cuts from the ranch. This is the only place where you can get our exclusive Didier Ranch dry-aged ribeyes and double up on all of our premium cuts. This box is truly made for a Boss.

2 14-16oz.Ribeyes
2 5-6oz. Filet Mignons
2 10-12oz. NY Strips
12 1/3lbs. Steak Burger Patties


  • Premium USDA Choice Beef
  • Dry Aged for 21- 28 days
  • Grass-fed in our pastures
  • Grain-finished from our own crops
  • No added hormones or mRNA Vaccines
  • No added flavors or ingredients
  • Cut to an average thickness of 1 inch.
  • Product of the USA
  • Shipped frozen
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Dorothy Miller
The boss is the way to go

The steaks were tender, well, packed and delicious. As a matter fact all the meat was well packed and an excellent shape. I highly recommend the package to anyone interested in a good delicious meat variety.

kay davis

Love everything so far. Steaks and burgers all delicious

Tricia Lukaszek

Have only had a couple steaks so far. But unbelievable, great cuts and cooks and tastes like a dream!

Dale Minkel
The best I’ve ever had

It’s difficult to describe the difference in taste between store bought meat and the meat Diddy Ranch sent me. It’s too vague to say “the best ever” but you will taste the difference in your first single bite. It’s as if my body deemed it to be nutritious. I guarantee that if you were to bring a cut to a lab and had it tested for something like nutrient density, the final analysis would confirm it. If ME, MY BODY could recognize it so clearly that it made me become consciously aware of it 2 hours later, I’m thinking there’s something behind that. The taste and texture were on a whole different level.

I live in the Houston area, get the best and highest quality meat I can find but nothing compares to this. We also don’t get dry-aged meat, only wet-aged. You can buy a whole ribeye and wet age it by sticking it in the fridge for a few weeks at 35° to 40° F but that is the only cut of meat that you age by yourself.

It might sound funny to say but if I had the money I’d say that if you don’t like it, send me whatever you have left and I’ll refund you the money myself.

Nobody here knows me but if you could have trust or faith in a stranger just this one time, now would be that time. But if you make a purchase and decide to leave a review, you can thank me for steering you in the right direction. Hahaha 😂. Because now I am really looking forward to reading what other people think and say about it.

Joanna Jongsma
Boss box

We are first time buyers of Didier Ranch beef and love this product. The Boss box let's us sample different cuts and we have not been disappointed! The beef burgers were just as good as the excellent filet mignon. Highly recommended 👌